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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

3 Tips to Beat the Adidas Raffle System to buy the Yeezy Boost's

Adidas have been using their own raffling system to make releasing the Yeezy Boost 350 and 750 sneakers a fair release for all customers.

The system is fairly basic to understand. Adidas opens up their size selection and checkout pages for users based on certain IP Addresses. The users who make it through are selecdd completely randomly and only a very small amount of customers to traffic on-site are actually able to get through.


Click here to help get through the Adidas raffle system. 

Isn't it extremely annoying when you have attempted to cop the latest Yeezy Boost release and didn't get through to the Adidas site to purchase, but there is someone you know who has purchased every Yeezy sneaker through the Adidas site with absolutely no problems at all!

You start to think do they know something I don't? Are they hacking to get through every single time?

Unfortunately they most likely aren't, they're just VERY lucky. However, we do believe there could be a few tips and tricks would could help your purchase the latest Yeezy Boost through the Adidas site...

1. Use multiple devices on different IP Addresses

If you're wanting to increase your chances to cop the latest Yeezy Boost, this is a no brainer! Because ultimately the more devices you join the queue with, your chances will double, Triple, quadruple ETC.


For each different device, you MUST be using different IP addresses. This is because Adidas's system is based on IP addresses and your chances to cop won't increase if you're using the same IP - We use our home internet for 1 device, and phone 4G for another.


Plus we also use a VPN on other computers which virtually gives you different IP addresses, which Adidas don't pick up on - which means even MORE devices (the more computers you have the better)


We highly recommend using this VPN service (plus use code: "DISCOUNT10" for 10% off), as it's the one we use and have beat the Adidas queue system and have copped Yeezys with from Adidas before!


Or you could use this VPN service instead (we recommend using the paid version, as the free one we trialed and is SUPER slow!)

2. Register an account and login before.


This may or may not be a myth of ours, however it seems that every time we've purchased the latest Yeezy Boost on the Adidas site we've been logged in . Even if this doesn't actually work, by logging in you're more likely to be able to cop the Yeezy's as you can check out with your delivery & payment details quicker.


3. Join the Raffle system URL ASAP!

this is a basic one. You MUST MUST MUST try to join the Raffle queue as soon as possible. Simply because Adidas are more likely to scan and let your IP address in sooner than those who join the selection later on. We highly recommend using our links to buy the Yeezys so you can get in earlier!

We can't fully confirm whether these tips and tricks definitely do help you cop the Yeezy Boost shoes, because we simply haven't had the opportunity to test them out in depth. However, when we've followed these in the past we've been fortunate enough to cop 4 of the 6 release Yeezy Boost's (Pirate Black 350, Moonrock 350, Triple Black 750, Oxford Tan 350).

Follow the tips above and let us know how you get on this Friday with the Pirate Black Yeezy Boost 350 re-release. You can find all links to retailers selling the Black Yeezy Boost 350 re-release on our homepage.

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