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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

First Look - the BRAND NEW Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (BB1826)


The KING of marketing is back at it again... leaving us all begging for MORE information about the re-designed Grey & Orange striped Yeezy Boost 350 V2's he's been seen repping! All Yeezy Boost & Kanye fans have been left like...


The release date for the 'Beluga' BB1826 Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has been announced! We're expecting to see the shoe release on 24th September!


Kanye, when are they NEW 350 Boosts releasing?

Kanye, how many pairs are you producing?

Kanye, what will you be pricing the Yeezy 350 V2's?



Unfortunately, as usual we're all left with almost NO information, which in turn generates even more hype & press so more consumers want to buy.




Besides all of that, how are the Yeezy Boost 350 V2's shown at Yeezy Season 3 actually different? Well, they're rocking an overall design re-structure, the new V2 350 Boost equip a risen top tongue and risen heel, which we can only assume is to increase comfort, and to change the overall aesthetic of the shoe, so Adidas & Kanye can release this shoe as a re-designed 350. 


Why increase comfort when they're already comfy? Well, Kanye originally signed the deal with Adidas because he was extremely impressed with their boost technology and the comfort the boost provided. 


That's not all that's different with these V2 Yeezy 350's though... They feature a brand new striped boost cover which like the originals, is probably one of the most iconic features on the shoe which ultimately makes them stand out.


Yep these are ONLY a V2 re-design of the original 350's, but you would be pretty surprised that we haven't even begun talking about the textiles used, or overall colour way design of them yet!


You'd be surprised to know, but it looks as though Adidas may have re-designed a much looser stitched primeknit (although this may just be the vibrant colours mixing) purely for these, before whacking a HUGE wavy pattern all around the shoe. We do have a slight worry about this though, will this pattern be too easy for unauthorised manufactures to create? Will we be seeing more fakes on the market? These seem easier to replicate than the original 350 Boosts, but only time will tell. 


If you thought the small sharp edged shapes on the original Yeezy Boost stood out, wait until you see this! Kanye has whacked a great big, grey and orange strip down the outside of the shoe, which inevitably makes them stand out even MORE, as if they didn't stand enough before that! 


And to top off the stripes, Kanye has carved in the words "SPLY - 350" over the lines - we're unsure why, but it does look pretty dope! 


You will be VERY glad to know these aren't the ONLY V2 350 Boosts we've seen either, so you can expect a variations of exciting colourways to drop with these 350's also! 


Unfortunately as of yet, and like most Yeezy Boost releases, there has been little to no estimated release date information dropped from a trusted source - however we're hoping Adidas will begin production soon, for releasing later this year.


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