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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

Legit Check Your Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (BY1604) Fake vs Real Comparison


So you're buying a pair of Core Black 350 V2's, but unsure if you're legit? We've put together an easy guide that'll help YOU legit check your Core Black Yeezy's so you're buying real, not fake!


And as with the OG Beluga 350 V2's, we've already helped HUNDREDS of people avoid buying fakes, and we're going to help you too.


Unlike the OG Beluga colourway which featured a different line & text style, the Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has adapted features, so make sure to use this Legit Check guide, rather than any other shoe as you'll just go round in circles!


As we're already talking about the changes Adidas has made between the OG colour and Core Black, we're going to point them out to you before we begin legit checking, just so you're aware:


  • Striped Line differences - On the Beluga the coloured line curls around the front of the shoe, meeting in the middle - whereas the Core Black colour way only has a slight kink in the line and doesn't meet all the way into the middle of the shoe

  • Text Differences - Also, the text on the right shoe of the Beluga colourway reads correctly (like "SPLY-350") whereas the Core Black 350 V2's right shoe reads backwards, as if it's mirrored (same for the Red, Green and Copper colourway if you're legit checking those). 


Right, after clearing that up, let's get right into the Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2 legit check, showing you the differences between a real & fake pair.


Stripe -

Unlike the OG Beluga colourway, the line both on the Core Black 350 V2 and Black Friday colourways only has a slight curve in it, meaning they almost meet in the middle at the toe. Whereas with the Beluga the stripe curves into the middle before hitting the bottom of the toe box.


As you can see above, the left picture shows a legit pair of Core Black Yeezy V2's, where you're able to see the slight line curve. Whereas on the right you can see a few fake pairs, where the line will either continue on straight (like it does above, and barely curves like the pair on the left), or will curve into the middle higher up.


It also looks as though from this picture, the real Core Black 350 V2's have a much wider and thicker white stripe compared to the pair on the right, so just another detail to look out for when legit checking and wanting to buy.



Boost -

As with all Yeezy Boost's, the bottom of the shoe where you can see the most boost is still one of the easiest and best ways to tell a fake pair from a real pair.


And with the Core Black colourway, this is still the case. On the left you can see that the real pairs Boost still contains a slight texture on the Boost, without looking overly shiny. On top of this Adidas have placed various markings on the Boost so telling a real pair apart is made easier. The 5 markings run through the middle from top to bottom of the shown boost, with 2 either marks between the 4th and 5th dots at the bottom.


Unlike the fake pair on the right, the legit pairs dots outside the line are fairly close, whereas the fake pairs is stretched out quite far away - which is fairly easy to check when legit checking your pair.


Along with that, the pair on the right side still looks off. Despite fake pairs getting better, the boost on the fake Core Black 350 V2's looks relatively flat, compared to the left side, and looks overly texture in this picture.


When you're legit checking your pair of Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2's, looking at the Adidas Boost technology is still one of the easiest ways to see if your pair is legit, despite fake pairs getting better. Just use the image above as a guide and you should be able to identify very quickly.



Overall Shoe Quality -

Not essential, but the fake pairs look very rushed to us. The overall quality including the rear glued sole and stitching throughout the shoe are very poor. As you can see in the images above, the real pair isn't perfect, but there are little to no gaps and glue marks. Whereas the fake Core Black 350 V2 on the right shows a much larger gap, no lining up and lots of glue marks.


This may not stand out on every fake pair, however a good indicator to double check when legit checking online through pictures on in person.



Rubber Sole -

Again, not something that stands out immensely. However, the legit pair has a much more translucent, rubbery looking sole that you can see the white boost technology through. Whereas the fake Core Black on the right has a much glossier finish, looks plastic, un-comfy and isn't see through at all.


This isn't going to be a key thing to look out for when legit checking your Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2's, however again is a good thing to look out for when buying.



In-Sole -

Not essential, but a useful thing to look out for. A good, bit difficult way to legit check your Core Black 350 V2's is to double check the in-soles.


The top image shows the real in-sole, which compared to the fake one looks fairly spaced out (the Adidas writing - especially between the "d" and "i") and the quality of the Adidas and Yeezy logo. The fake pair on the bottom is pretty blatantly poorly printed, leaving you with a very simple way to legit check your Core Black 350 V2's.



Rear Stitching -

As you can see above, as expected the fake Core Black Yeezy is going to be a lower quality shoe, which is why they can be sold for much less. It may be hard to see in the image above, but if you look closely, you can tell that the Real 350 V2 has a much tighter stitch down the back of the shoe. Meaning the back is curved all the way throughout. 


Whereas the fake pair is a much looser stitch, which is why only the top half of the shoe curves where the stitching is tighter, and then loosens to almost being flat at the back.


It's going to be difficult to tell from just an image, unless the image is really clear. However this will be useful if you accidentally receive a fake pair of Core Black 350 V2's and want to double check that they're legit.




Further Legit Checks - We've also highlighted a few other things you should keep an eye out for when legit checking a pair of Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2's, as the lower quality, cheaper replica's tend to have a lot of these mistakes highlighted below.



Toebox - 


It's important to pay close attention to the toebox, as this is where a lot of fake Core Black V2's begin to stand out. Firstly because the stripe ends here, so you will be able to look at where the stripe ends and how it ends (straight, curved, wonky ETC) as you can see in the real v fake pair above.


Secondly because if you look at the toebox from a side on angle, you will be able to notice a difference in overall shape. The toebox is usually where the differences lie, as you can see in the left image, the legit Core Black 350 V2 doesn't curve or look rounded at the front of the shoe. Whereas the fake pair stands out because it rounds at the end, which in our opinion looks dreadful and really stands out. Easily one of the easiest ways to tell whether the pair of Core Black Yeezy Boost 350 V2's you're going to buy is legit or not.


Obviously changes do occur, and as time goes on manufacturers will get better at making fake pairs, so make sure you pay close attention to all advice above. Don't forget to be aware that most fake Core Black 350 V2's you won't be able to spot all these differences, so make sure to pay close attention to all aspects.



Text -


Again, just like the Black Friday pack, the left shoe reads "SPLY-350" fine, whereas on the right shoe, the text has been mirrored so it's backwards - not to worry, this is a legit pair. Adidas and Kanye have just adapted the Core Black 350 V2 so the text reads backwards, unlike the OG V2 which is different.


In the images above, you can see that manufacturers are able to replicate the exact text & positioning almost perfectly, so telling this apart is difficult. However, if you look closely (in the image above), you can see the real Core Black Yeezy on the left and the fake pair on the right where the text is slightly larger and not in the exact same place.


If you're wanting to spend this much on a legit Core Black Yeezy Boost then you must be willing to pay close attention to small details like this, as fake pairs are getting closer to looking real.


As always, don't forget to follow and like us on our social media channels, where we will happily legit check Core Black 350 V2's for you:






All images used were taking from this legit check video here.

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