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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

5 Simple Tips to Legit Check Your Adidas Boost Technology In Your Yeezy or Ultra Boost

Ever wondered if your Yeezy Boost, Boost technology is real? Well, here are 5 simple legit checks to guarantee that your Boost is real. No matter what shoe you own, Yeezy Boost, Ultra Boost, NMD, Pure Boost, EQT Support and so on, these 5 super easy checks will let you know whether the Boost you own is real or not.


Yep it really can be that easy. No more relying on others legit checking your Boost who doesn't have a clue, these 5 tips will let you know whether your Boost is real or fake.


1. Nipples

Every authentic, real Boost will have nipples. The amount on each pair of shoes do differ due to the different styles. For example a Yeezy Boost will only have the Boost showing on the bottom sole of the shoe, whereas a Ultra Boost, NMD or EQT and the nipples will appear different on all of these.


BUT, it is key that throughout your Adidas Boost there are nipples that stick out and are textured if you run your finger across the surface.


2. Texture

Its quite easy for us to tell is the Boost Technology is real if you look at the texture. On the original Yeezy Boost 350, the boost technology had a distinctive texture to it, which follows through in Legit Ultra Boosts, NMD's and more.

WWhatWhat you're looking for, is a wavy style texture throughout, as seen on the Moonrock image. But, Adidas since then have changed and altered the Legit Boost Technology, so they still contain a little texture, but the Boost is slightly shinier and has more markings, which is a better detector of whether your Boost is real or not.


3. Light Test

This is basic Adidas Boost Technology legit checking 101, because of this fake pairs are likely to quickly adapt and change (so be VERY caution and use the other 4 tips too).

Basically, it has been proved that if you were to shine a bright line through the bottom of your shoe (Yeezy, Ultra Boost, NMD or anything else) the light is expected to follow through with a slight yellow tint to it.


For the time being this has helped us and many other legit check the Boost Technology in their Ultra Boosts ETC. However, like we said manufacturers will be able to jump on this quickly, so make sure to use the rest of our tips to Legit Check Your Adidas Boost to help you detect real vs fake shoes.


4. Marking Placement

This is a recent change in the Yeezy Boost, which has only occurred across the new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 range. The window in the sole which exposes the Boost will now have markings on the Boost, which are textured also, a circle marking with 3 little lines running vertical.


If you're Yeezy Boost 350 V2 DOESN'T contain these, then they are fake (if you own the original 350's ignore this, same goes with Ultra Boost, NMD and EQT for the time being).

The amount of marketing don't matter, as we have seen many legit Yeezy Boosts which differ. But, the pattern would usually look like the image of the black soled Boost above. We have had pairs direct from Adidas with 7 markings, and others with 9 markings (like above). So, it is known for legit Yeezy Boost 350 V2's to contain more markings, another 2 above the original 2 parallel markings. 


5. Overall Look & Depth

If it looks too good to be true and non of the above matches up & the price is TOO good, then it's probably fake. The overall Look and depth once you know what to look for just stands out. If you use all the tips provided, along with the REAL Boost images added then you should be fine and able to tell if your Boost is legit or not.


However, if you are struggling to legit check your Adidas Boost technology, then simply join our private Yeezy's For All Talk Worldwide group where you can legit check any pair of Adidas Boost shoes.


Obviously it's going to be tough to match every single one of these up to your Boost, as quality on every pair differs. So even if 1 or 2 tips match up with your Boost then it's likely to be real.


Don't just rely on the Boost too. The Boost is easily one of the best ways to legit check your Yeezy's, Ultra Boost, NMD's and so on. BUT, as fakes get better you need to make sure that all parts of the shoe match up, rather than just relying on 1 piece of the shoe.


If you need any help legit checking any shoe, whether it be telling you if your Boost is real or fake on your Yeezy's, Ultra Boost, NMD or anytmhing else, simply ask on any of these social media channels and we will try to help out.




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