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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

Will The Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 Sell Out?


With the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 release just round the corner the question on everyone’s mind is will they sell out? Keep reading here as we tell you the exact reasons why the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 may or may not sell out & exactly why you should go for them.

The Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 releases on 9th June and just like all Yeezy releases, hundreds of thousands of people are questioning whether to buy them or not. The Yeezy 500 isn’t the most popular silhouette Adidas and Yeezy release as we have seen from past releases.

Before we get into this, if you want to buy the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 you can get all the links to buy them here .

Will they sell out or not? The question on many peoples mind. This is such a big deal because there will be a wide variety of different reasons people wear & buy Yeezy’s, including:


  • People are brand loyal to Yeezy & collect

  • People like the silhouette & colourway

  • People like wearing branded sneakers

  • People like wearing hype brands

  • People like to buy & resell

And the majority of those interested in reading this article will be interested in buying & reselling, along with people who are keen to rock hype/sold out sneakers as a statement.

So, what do we think?

The Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 has been hyped for quite a few months now which ultimately adds to the demand for the sneaker. Along with this Kanye West and other Celebrities have been seen wearing this colourway & other Yeezy 500’s which again builds demand. Both of these are a huge factor into telling whether the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 will sell out and the resell behind this colourway.

On top of this, the past Yeezy 500 the Blush/Desert Rat colourway which released back in April 2018 did sell out. This ultimately proves that the demand for the silhouette is there too. Again, another reason which adds to it selling out. Since it’s months on from the initial release it’s likely many more celebrities & influencers are now wearing Yeezy 500’s too, which increases hype and demand which impacts demand in a positive manner massively.

So taking all of this into account, will the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 sell out?

In our honest opinion, yes we do believe so. A Yeezy release is a Yeezy release at the end of the day. Albeit not a Yeezy 350 which is the most popular silhouette, but the recent price movements & increases in the Yeezy 500 and 750 silhouettes are proving positive and will ensure more people are interested in buying future colourways.

Don’t forget to access all links to buy the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 right here as they release on June 9th.

So with that taken into account & the fact we do think the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500’s will sell out, what do we think the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 resell will be?

This is a tough one to say. Without knowing or having an indication into stock figures and amount of stores releasing them it’s hard to tell. We will estimate that the Supermoon Yellow colourway will follow similarly to the Desert Rat Yeezy 500 and will probably resell for around £50/$65/€55 above retail value initially after release and then the resell will slowly begin to increase once the resellers who want to flip quickly get rid of their pairs.

What do you think though? Will the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500’s sell out? If so, what will the resell value be? Leave a comment below.

Don’t forget that we’re giving you all the  links to buy & raffle links for the Supermoon Yellow Yeezy 500 right here so get involved for release on 9th June.  

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