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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

The Cream White Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Is Re-Releasing On September 21st (CP9366)

It's great news, the Cream White Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is definitely re-releasing and it's due on the 21st September. Don't believe us? Well Kanye West himself has tweeted and confirmed the Cream or Triple White Yeezy 350 V2 will definitely be re-releasing and we can't wait.


Yep, Kanye West himself tweeted on August 20th saying...


"Since I’ve been making sneakers I've always wanted as many people as possible to have them. On September 21 we're doing our largest drop ever of the 350 V2 Triple White. Go to and sign up to get them" - you can view the full Tweet from his account here.


That really is epic news, right? Ever since Kanye began the Yeezy brand he wanted to make sure that everyone at some point who wanted to own Yeezy's can, and from this tweet it sounds like this may be happening.


It's interesting that back in May we actually hyped up a Cream White Yeezy 350 V2 re-release which was expected to happen in July 2018 (but obviously didn't). The White Yeezy 350 V2 re-release was obviously in the works though, however it was just delayed and pushed a few months back.


The new Cream White Yeezy Boost 350 V2 re-release date has obviously been confirmed by Kanye himself both on Twitter and via YEEZYSUPPLY to release on September 21st


We yet to know just how many pairs will be released and what other sites are releasing them just yet, all we know is that Adidas is definitely releasing them, as the countdown page is already live here.


On top of this, we think it's important to klnow that the Cream White Yeezy 350 V2 was actually the most popular Yeezy release we have EVER seen on our website - so expect the same on September 21st. Not only that, but it was also the BIGGEST Yeezy release EVER too (you can see just how many Cream Whites released compared to other Yeezys here). So, when Kanye says this is going to be a BIG release, this is going to be HUGE and will probably be your best ever chance to own Yeezys.


If you just can't wait until September 21st to cop the Cream White Yeezys, we got you covered too. Due to Kanye's tweet, the current resell price of the Cream Whites have dropped massively, meaning you can now cop the Cream Whites on eBay from JUST £220 brand new - available here!


We will continue to update you with more Cream White Yeezy information as it comes. Along with our extremely popular VIP copping system, links to buy the Cream White Yeezys and all the raffle links to enter too.


Edit -


With the original White 350 V2 release being the largest Yeezy release yet, but still selling out SUPER quick, we expect this even larger release isn't going to be sat around for long at all.


Which is exactly why we want to HELP you. We want to help you STOP being one of the millions of 0.00001% of people who NEVER cop Yeezys and join the LIMITED 65% of people (on average) who COP Yeezys for RETAIL with our VIP membership.


Rated 5* by 1000's of Yeezy fans who would ALL highly recommend you join our VIP membership for the White Yeezy 350 V2 re-release happening on the 22nd September.

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