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Latest Yeezy Boost Release

All Links To Buy Bape x Adidas Ultra Boost Collaboration (F35097 & G54784)

Oh my, BAPE have kicked off 2019 with an incredible collaboration with Adidas which brings you a BAPE Ultraboost which looks absolutely outstanding, something BAPE and Adidas Ultraboost fans would have been dreaming about being created and now it's here.


Buy the BAPE Ultra Boost from the list of stockists BELOW, or take a sneak peek at these:

Adidas - 2nd Feb, 9am GMT
 Green/Brown Camo
Black/Grey Camo 
Jersey, Football & More  


eBay - Resell £300+ 


Yep, now it is here are the magic words but the BAPE x Adidas Ultraboost collaboration doesn't come in just the 1 colourway, but in fact 2 amazing colours and a whole host of other items including Football Boots, a Jersey, a Hoodie, Tights, a Helmet and much more (all of which can be bought by clicking back there!)


This very limited edition collaborative pack and exclusive range releases on February 2nd which fits perfectly inline with the 2019 Super Bowl and certainly does interlink with this date, which can be seen throughout the range of items being released by Adidas.


BAPE and Adidas have come together with their most popular and best-selling designs which are famously known worldwide to create this incredible collaboration. BAPE known for their camouflage themed clothing and accessories with their iconic APE logo throughout the camo, combined with Adidas's best-selling shoe for the last 3+ years running couldn't be a better combination. 


The BAPE Ultraboost comes in 2 different colourways, with both feature Adidas's usual Ultra Boost look. With the Boost sole, primeknit upper, cage around the midsection and cage towards the heel. Finished off with the primeknit in BAPE's well known camouflage colour with APE logo throughout which is available in both Green/Brown Camo and Grey/Black Camo, both of which look seriously sick.


We can assure you that if you're looking to buy these shoes, or any item from the collaboration then you must be seriously quick. As with all hyped releases all items are going to sell out extremely quick and we highly anticipate that the BAPE Ultraboost will most definitely sell out quickest due to the hype around this amazing looking shoe.


If you're interested in knowing, this however isn't the first collaborative pack that BAPE and Adidas have done. Back in 2016 they linked up to create 2 different coloured NMDs along with a range of other clothing items which as expected sold out extremely quickly just like this pack will, and since then a wide range of other sneakers and items which have all been extremely hyped too.


The better news? The BAPE NMDs actually had and still do have to this day a crazy resell behind them due to their limited availability and we expect that the BAPE Ultraboost will be very much the same on 2nd February.


The good news is that we have actually pulled together all the links to buy & raffles to enter to give you the very best chance of buying and owning the BAPE Ultraboost. If you take a look below you can get access to all links to buy the BAPE Ultraboost from a wide variety of online stockists.


All Links To Buy Bape x Adidas Ultra Boost Collaboration


Adidas UK - 2nd Feb, 9am GMT

Green/Brown Camo 

Black/Grey Camo

Jersey, Football & More


eBay - Resell £300+ 


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